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Everything about the experience of visiting this dentist is as positive as going to the dentist can be. The front desk staff are charming and the dentist is knowledgeable, always seems to remember me and my dental history, treats me with respect, is very informative so I can make good decisions and goes over and above to make recommendations for me. I don’t know whether it’s because of the service but the treatments themselves don’t seem so agonising either! Highly recommend.
Friendly receptionist, very skilled and reliable doctor, clean and lovely studio. Usually is never a good day if you have a dentist appointment…unless your practice is Dent essential 🙂
I’ve had my root canal done by my dentist. The dentist did an excellent job, the local anaesthetic they gave me was amazing, I didn’t feel any pain & the overall experience was very good, highly recommended.
I am their client for many years now, and I would never change. The staff is friendly and professional.
The place is clean and the dentist are amazing. They follow you step by step during and after your treatment, and teach you how to maintain an healthy mouth.
My dentist is a great person and good doctor.
Receptionist are professional, friendly, helpful and funny.
My hygienists same always positive smiling and attentive.
Fair prices.
Thanks to all the staff.
I, like anyone, are not a big fan of teeth, and dentistry was a sore point but my dentist makes the visits to the dentist actually a happy one. Very informative dentist who I’d recommend to anyone, and often do. Keep up the good work.
Staff are very friendly, they put all my fears to rest. Treatment was thoroughly explained using photos and then was performed quickly and professionally

I had my first appointment here this week, having moved to the area recently & struggled to find an NHS dentist. The receptionist was very pleasant & booked me in within a day at a very convenient time, which i was impressed by. The dentist couldn’t have been more friendly & informative, particularly in relation to treatments during pregnancy. I walked out very relieved with a temporary filling & some good advice.

The previous reviews on this site regarding another receptionist all became clear after sitting in the waiting room for 15 minutes, but don’t let their poor manners & lack of self awareness deter you from visiting.

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Have been with them for three years. Excellent service. Truly brilliant have had two fillings and three root canals all a sucess. Patient and very friendly staff. I am a nervous patient anf they numb you and do the proceedure with no pain at all. Highly recommend Dr Hayder. Best dentist I have been to so far and will continue to attend. Also very honest and upfront with prices and advice.
Have been at the practice for 2 years. Treated for a root canal and then for a crown by doctor Al Hariri. The practice looks a bit dated but I appreciate the clear explanations given by the dentist and the painless interventions. I have been treated in France previously but this practice compares favorably. Would recommend it to a friend.
Having avoided seeing a dentist for many, many years (odontophobia I believe its called), I finally took the plunge a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. I’ve had quite a few appointments here since then and have always been made to feel completely at ease by both the dentist and hygienist. Its always a friendly, relaxing atmosphere which is a big help for anyone anxious about dentistry.
Every procedure has been clearly explained beforehand and the treatment has been top class.
Very satisfied and would thoroughly recommend to anyone.
I’ve been here for almost ten years and very pleased with the service and treatment. When I came here my teeth were a mess and required a lot of work. After a short while My mouth felt renewed and subsequent work has been nonexistent. Highly recommended
Had to have quite a bit of work done over the last year and the team there were really great. The explained everything really clearly and were upfront with all options available to me.
The standard of service is extremely high and the surgery is kept really clean.
I highly recommend going here.
I first visited this dentist a few weeks ago with a very painful tooth after not having visited a dentist for a couple of years. The receptionist was able to move my appointment forward and the dentist was amazing and removed the nerve which completely stopped the pain. I have since had a root canal and it went very smoothly and was not painful or bad in any way at all. I am pleased with the job they have done and the way in which the dentist skilfully built up what was only half a tooth to start with. It is much better than my previous dentist and I have already recommended to a friend who also went to the hygienist and was very happy too. I found everyone at the practice and the dentist themselves very pleasant and they took plenty of time to explain all the procedures. The NHS service is great value
Been coming here for 10 years! Would never use different practice!
Best dentist practise I ever been to! 🙂 Well recommended!
I switched to DentEssentials 6 months ago, and have been very happy with this dentist. They are efficient, punctual and reliable. Booking an appointment is easy and it usually takes only a couple of days to book you in. The level of care is great, and the dentist always explains what needs to be done. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience at DentEssentials.
The staff were very friendly and helpful! from me not being able to find them n constantly calling, right through to me receiving treatment! As a nervous customer who has always hated the dentist, I have to say they instantly put me at ease and the service was second to none. I’m chuffed with the work done and definitely will be back in the future.
This is the best dental practice in London. Nick Law and the team treated me with respect and kindness in a relaxed and friendly environment. When I needed a root canal done Nick worked magic to ease the pain and solve the problem. He is an excellent dentist who cares about his patients and does an excellent job. I have recommended Dentessentails to family and friends and all have been impressed. Thank you for the excellent work that you do.
I have been a patient at Dentessentials on Curtain Road for a number of years now and I can honestly say that it is the best surgery I have ever visited. As someone who feared dentists for years, my views have changed and (I never thought I’d say this!) now I actually don’t mind going. One of the friendly receptionists, is absolutely lovely and always puts me at ease. It helps having a giggle and the first class customer service I have always received is duly noted and appreciated. The dentist and team are excellent and I would certainly recommend this surgery to anyone, but especially those who have a phobia. You’ll be put at ease right away! Thank you Dentessentials 🙂
Great service. Called in to book my first appointment with very polite and knowledgable receptionist. Convenient times and relatively quick appointment. Went for a check up and they did two quick fillings in front chipped teeth under band 2 NHS so came to £50. Very professional and quick. Highly recommend.
Dentissentials are amazing. I chipped my fang off in a fall last week and not only did they fix it quickly but it looks perfect, like nothing ever happened. I’m so impressed and everyone at work has also commented ‘that’s amazing’ when they saw it. Thank you Nick and the team for seeing me so quickly and helping me out.

I go to Dr Al-Hariri as an NHS patient.

He has always been extremely diligent, observant and seems to be pretty skilled. I am always reassured that he is doing a good job and gives me good advice

I made the mistake of going to another dentist when i was in Edinburgh for 6 months who did a really bad job of a filling. She did remark on the fillings Dr Al-Hariri had done and said they had been done very skillfully.

I recommended him to my housemate who also went and found him to be excellent and Dr Al-Hariri spotted a problem which another dentist had not managed to spot.

I have had bad dentists in the past, but Dr Al-Hariri is the best I have been to and would recommend him to anyone. I will keep going to him even when I move from the area.

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As a new patient found their services great – fab! The staff were great nice to have friendly staff. Told me about NHS payment.
Also got a hygienist booked for the same week. Easy as I work close by.
Had visit here and knew had troubles in my mouth.was due to go away ,and they managed to sort me out with 2 appointments and a thorough clean.
Now i can go away no worries !!
Went for a regular check up, receptionist was pleasant and polite, dentist was very good and took time to explain procedures and reasons behind them. Treatment itself was fairly minor but went well nevertheless. Only slight issue is that I had to wait extra 20 minutes after the start of my appointment, something which is not convenient if you are trying to get everything done during lunchtime.
Came to surgery in May/June. Managed to get appointment with dentist and hygienist. Both extremely friendly and efficient. Will book again with hygienists. Would highly recommend.
Thank you!
They were very fast and flexible with the appointments and service, I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and needed some complicated work done fast , they were very helpful and understanding , and no qualms about taking NHS. A real credit to the local community.
I was extremely satisfied and impressed with the level of service provided. I am somewhat nervous around dentists due to unpleasant memories and as such have let my teeth go a bit and the dentist was nothing but helpful and concerned, no awkward chiding. They fully explained the differences between silver and white fillings and made me comfortable in choosing white while making it clear that he was totally happy to do the silver if I preferred so no pressure at all.
Was straightforward about treatment, prices, NHS and private, made good suggestions of sugar alternatives and didn’t make me feel like a naughty schoolchild when we went thru my weekly booze/cigs/sugar etc intake. Along with most importantly, the gentle and professional work they did on my tricky tooth! All round winner, they allayed all the fears and made the experience a rather pleasant and painless one despite the circumstances.
And the rest of the team is lovely too, was a welcoming environment in the reception/waiting area.. apparently most have worked with them for decades! So yes, I highly recommend!
I am with this dental practice for about two years now and I have only had great experiences. Today I had an appointment with mouth hygienist who is always very friendly and delivers great service. The hygienist does not rush and they take the time needed to deliver excellent care. I have experienced the same with my dentist at this practice. The staff takes time to answer any questions. Also the reception staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this practice.

I booked an appointment with this dentist after reading the reviews posted on this site. I am happy to say I was not disappointed.

I found the dentist, along with the receptionist and dental nurse, very warm and welcoming. My teeth were inspected without the normal picking and scraping – a pleasant change. I was impressed that my jaw function was also checked. I received feedback about my problem, as well as advice about diet. I left a happy customer!


I’ve been seeing my dentist at Dentessentials for perhaps 10 years now. Recently I started to take my two daughters, one 11 years old, the other 7 years old, to see him as well. My wife is also a regular. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

I trust the dentists judgement 100%. Over the years I’ve had them put on a couple of crowns and replace a few fillings. Each time he’s provided me with what feels like full information about the treatment options available. He’s done so in an intelligent, informative and empathetic way, outlining clearly the benefits and costs of the different options. Each treatment has been carried out efficiently and I’ve always been happy with the results.

The dentist also regularly provides good preventative tips. On each visit he’ll ask questions about diet and other health-related issues that impinge on dental care. The conversations are always informative and engaging. Along the way he has converted me to using an electronic toothbrush–oh, if only earlier dentists had done this! I also recently bought an electronic flosser as well, sharing an anti-Amazon conversation with the dentist as I made my purchase. After years of using Sensodyne toothpaste, which I assumed to be the best for my sensitive teeth, Nick recently encouraged me to switch to a fluoride based paste. I like his holistic approach and he also works on the NHS. Long live the NHS.

The practice itself is also great. For those who care about such things, it’s located in the heart of Shoreditch, still one of the most interesting parts of London, where gourmet coffee bars meet architectural firms meet art galleries meet hi-tech start-ups. But “it’s the inside that counts” and The dentist has pulled together a warm and professional team, from the staff at the front desk to the nurses who assist. The atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming. On the very rare occasions I arrive early, I’m more than happy to tap away on my laptop yet usually get drawn into a chat. That’s also come to be the way of things with the dentist and in-between and during treatments we’ve solved the problems of the world several times over. I’m now trying to wangle an invite to one of the garden parties he holds at his Brighton home in the summer. So far no luck.

Please don’t be put off by parallel reviews given to the other dentist who works at Dentessentials and who seems to attract complaints, presumably because patients are unhappy with their experience. The phrase “chalk and cheese” has been uttered about their contrasting approaches. I could complain about the tiredness of cliche but won’t.

In short, I’ve strangely come to really look forward to going to the dentist. Every now and again it’s necessary to wait a week or two to get an appointment, so I’ve given a 4 rather than a 5-star for that, just so I don’t come across as being a complete sycophant. My wife is also very pro and my kids have grown to feel good about visits to the dentist as well. Recommended without hesitation.